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Voluntary work can involve labour done by people for no payment

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Voluntary work can involve labour done by people for no payment. But sometimes it may involve payment and even may require only individuals with certain skills. The term can be traced as far back as the 1700s. But it didn’t become as widespread as an actual activity until the 1800s. Find out more about dugnad sokker here.

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Voluntary work

Voluntary work is mostly done by individuals or groups who perform tasks that contribute to society. Because of this, many organizations that enlist the help of volunteers often operate as non-profit groups and mainly stay in business because of donations. Not only do people volunteer to benefit society, dugnad sokker but they also do it to help with personal issues, and also to gain skills in their field of choice.

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Environmental Volunteering

Some such types of volunteering include environmental volunteering, which involves aiding nature in some way. Volunteers contribute to the conservation of land or a certain species. It can include jobs such as rescuing and rehabilitating animals, protecting an area that needs to be preserved, or simply just planting trees. Another type is school volunteering, which involves performing tasks in children’s schools. They can do things that range from catering to tutoring to helping out with fundraisers russedugnad. Some volunteers host drives to provide school supplies for students. Others plan events for them such as Career Day.

Corporate Volunteering



Corporate volunteering

Corporate volunteering is a term used for enlisting the help of employees to contribute to society in more ways than simply performing their usual paid work.



Typical Corporate

Typical corporate volunteering is simply referred to as field volunteering, meaning they work at the site of the charity or program.



Work Types

But it is also the term used for other voluntary work types such as skills-based work and virtual voluntary work.




These tasks can be performed by individuals but are more likely to be done by teams. Corporate volunteering programs were initially started as a strategy.

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